How to wisely use an update query

As we all know Update is the most expensive SQL query, Hence it should be used wisely. As if you did not care about the data-set, optimization, and performance before writing the query you are definitely going to be screwed!!! Here I have mentioned a recent case and a few experiments that I have gone…

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30 / Sep / 2019

Web security attacks and their prevention

Session Hijacking In the session, hijacking attacker steals the active session of a user. Session is being stored at server-side as well as a cookie is created in the client browser with the name of PHPSESSID. So anyone can access it using `document.cookie` in console or as an alert message. There are a couple of…

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29 / Sep / 2019

Golang Basics - How to get a flat project structure - Part 1

There is a certain hype and surge in popularity of Go and as a result it’s attracting both seasoned programmers and freshers. I’ve got a chance to interact with both types (as in humans not data types etc). During these numerous interactions there are few questions which keep on popping up. Though, the kind of…

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04 / Mar / 2019